Philosophy for Children is a well proven approach to learning that encourages children to develop a love of wisdom - through thinking for themselves with others.  

My FACEBOOK page - often I see a really engaging news article and write this up as a stimlus with suggested activities for home or school

Sankofa Storytelling in times of Covid-19 films with P4C discussion starters for home and school.  New stories uploaded every week.  

Cumbria Development Education Centre   SANKOFA digital storytelling project activity ideas.A collaboration between Cumbria DEC and HEC and partners in Czech Republic and Slovakia

SAPERE #PhilosophyFriday Sign up for an email alert for new weekly resources for home and school  Also, searchable resources.  

Children's Big Questions during the Covid-19 crisis: Resources for parents by Jana Mohr Lone from University of Washington

Dialogue Works are producing a weekly resources called Hometalk for parents/children incorparating Thinking Move

Challenging Learning at Home. Activities designed to stimulate thoughtful conversations and problem-solving approaches to learning from the Challenging Learning Team.  

Wonder Ponder  Visual philosophy from Madrid and I Wonder, self interviews under lockdown

1000s of free thought-provoking images on the Blob Tree Facebook page for Covid-19 or check out their website Blob Tree

The Economist Education Foundation sign up for newsletter and some good resources for talking about Covid-19 for families

What makes me, me? and other interesting ideas on fairness, ownership and good  BBC site

What's the Big Idea? CBBC programme on different concepts 

Empathy Lab  Empathy Lab has such a wealth of resources for schools and background information.  Do check them out. Includes 15 activities for home.