Philosophy for Children resources

Resources for parent and carers

Philosophy for Children is a well proven approach to learning that encourages children to develop a love of wisdom - through thinking for themselves with others.  

My FACEBOOK page - often I see a really engaging news article and write this up as a stimlus with suggested activities for home or school

Philosofun activities that are engaging, active, non-competitive and above all fun!

Dialogue Works excellent section called Hometalk 

Wonder Ponder  Visual philosophy from Madrid

1000s of free thought-provoking images on the Blob Tree Facebook page or check out their website Blob Tree

What makes me, me? and other interesting ideas on fairness, ownership and good  BBC site

What's the Big Idea? CBBC programme on different concepts 

See visual stimulus section below for thought-provoking images to use

Resources for teachers

My FACEBOOK page - often I see a really engaging news article and write this up as a stimlus with suggested activities

Society for Advancing Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education  online search for resources

Dialogue Works online and premium resources for teachers and parents, including Thinking Moves

Cumbria Development Education Centre   You can download a free copy of their wonderful new resource Philosophy for Global Learning (in the download section) and other resources

Beyond the Secret Garden Regular series of articles examining BAME representations in children’s literature by Darren Chetty and Karen Sands-O'Connor in Books for Keeps online magazine for children's books. Suggestions for books and excellent background reading. 

SAPERE Gold School North Lakes School resources

Wonder Ponder  Visual philosophy from Madrid!  I sell their philosophy boxes on my courses in the UK - please ask me!

Little Chatters Outdoor P4C

International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children connect with P4C around the world   Online resources for P4C   (subscription with some free resources)

Sara Stanley  P4C trainer and Early Years P4C guru

Sara Stanley  Three excellent articles on EYFS in Teach Early Years magazine by Sara

Philosophy Man Subscribe to a free monthy bulletin for resources 

Open Scotland - P4C network in Scotland with resources section

Thinking Space free lesson plans by Grace Lockrobin 

*** My own articles and papers are available in the What is P4C? section

Visual stimulus for P4C

Blob Tree  effective communication tools for review and 1000s of free images on Facebook page for stimulus 

Literacy Shed  collection of films for excellent p4c stimulus  (also see Images Shed)

Picture News weekly poster related to the news with a thought-provoking question

Pobble 365  image One picture. One teaching resource. Every day.

Once upon a picture  Images to inspire

Instagram account of photo collage artist Uğur Gallen from Turkey