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#WorldPhilosophy Day

As part of the continuing celebrations for 25 years of Philosophy for Children (P4C) in Cumbria, we have a number of activities and events leading up to and happening on World Philosophy day on Thursday 19th November. 

Gina from Little Chatters  and myself will be hosting #ChatP4C on Twitter between 8-9pm GMT on World Philosophy Day. Here we will 'tweet' about all things P4C, specifically around when and how schools do P4C.  Gina and I will also be posting a number of #Philosofun activities on social media during the week as a stimulus for the wider theme of UNESCO's World Philosophy Day - Imagining the World. Please do bring a drink and join us on Thursday on Twitter by searching for #ChatP4C. We especially welcome schools sharing photos and comments about their World Philosophy Day activities. 

In association with Cumbria Development Education Centre and the University of Cumbria.

On Wednesday 18th November, Dr Laura Kerslake from the University of Cambridge will be presenting her Playground of Ideas PhD research for P4C and KS1 between 4-5pm GMT. Places are free and you can book via Cumbria DEC here.

Imagining the World to Come - What has the crisis shown us?

Interview with Divya Dwivedi

What philosophical questions are you asking?

World Philosophy Day was introduced in 2002 by UNESCO.  You can read more about this international day here.  

The 2020 edition of World Philosophy Day wishes to invite the whole world to reflect on the meaning of the current pandemic, underlining the need, more than ever before, to resort to philosophical reflection in order to face the multiple crises we are going through.

Use the graphic as a classrom stimulus to get your pupils to reflect on the meaning of the current pandemic.  What philosophical questions were they asking on World Philosophy Day in 2019 which they are not asking in 2020?  What questions are they asking in on World Philosophy Day in 2020 which they were not asking in 2019? What philosophical questions do they think they will be asking on World Philosophy day in 2021 and beyond?

Ask pupils to choose and discuss questions - can they group questions?

Creating the historical narrative of the future

Imagine 50 years from now.  How would you want children to be retold the story of the Pandemic and events that follow.  Will the positives outweigh the negatives? Can we create our own narrative?  

Ask pupils to come up with a list of 10 things they would want to be told as the history of the Pandemic for children in the future.  Share with the whole class. Use their suggestions for ranking and sorting to practice reasoning. Each pupil to choose 5 to focus on for a piece of writing.

Write a diary entry, creative story or information writing..... or other piece of writing.  We'd love to see examples at #ChatP4C

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