What is #ChatP4C?

#ChatP4C is a Twitter hour hosted by myself, Gina from Little Chatters and Joana Rita Sousa from Portugal (she's the social media expert in the team!)

Once a month between 8-9pm there is a P4C theme and a special guest.  A series of mainly practical questions are posed and then some fast and furious sharing of ideas, images and experiences.  

You can join in the fun on the night, or contribute after the event.  Or just use the hashtag #ChatP4C if you have something to share between sessions.  The concept is to build a Twitter community of P4C practitioners for exchange of ideas across the globe. Mainly it's people from the UK and Portugal, but we have people joining us from Australia, Turkey and Spain and more.

How do I access #ChatP4C?

On the evening of #ChatP4C (or early morning if you are in Australia for example) search #ChatP4C and you will see the questions being shared at intervals through the hour.  There's always a question at the beginning getting everyone to introduce themselves. 

For more detailed information please see this link

#ChatP4C January 2021

Join us on 18th January between 8-9pm

#ChatP4C December 2020

#ChatP4C November 2020